I'm Marty Hernandez Avedon. I'm a dev with a background in graphic design and writing.

I am currently interning with the Wikimedia Foundation. I recently apprenticed at Microsoft, and previous to that, I worked on mobile apps and tutored adults in Swift/iOS.

If you need help on a mobile app, somebody to look over your cover letter, or design advice, feel free to get in touch with me. I love working with new coders and supporting other folks from "untraditional" backgrounds (whatever that may mean).

Recent Posts

Wikimedia Week 1

My internship with Wikimedia started yesterday! As part of my internship, I’m required to make biweekly blog posts chronicling my journey, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of me lately. If you want to keep up, you can join my new RSS feed. And if you want to know... [Read More]

New Post On Renegade Coder

I’ve been feeling sick lately, so updates have been slow, but I have a new post up on the revamped Renegade Coder. It covers Swift syntax via Fizz Buzz. Check it out here! [Read More]

Accepted Wikimedia Foundation Internship

After a month of hard work updating and improving articles on Mediawiki’s APIs, and writing Python sample code making GET requests, I found out that I’ll be interning with the Wikimedia Foundation. [Read More]

Drawing Pad

I’ve been working steadily on a drawing pad app that includes artist prompts. It’s built entirely in vanilla Javascript, and uses the HTML5 canvas. I hope to add touch support, brushes, multi-undo, and a more responsive layout for smaller devices. [Read More]

EmpireJS & Slides

On Thursday and Friday, I attended EmpireJS, thanks to a diversity scholarship. I was delighted to get tickets, and the conference didn’t disappoint. A single-track conference focused on Javascript and web development, talks covered not merely the mechanics of coding, but also ethics, history, and how to improve your workplace... [Read More]