I'm Marty Hernandez Avedon. I'm a dev with a background in graphic design and writing.

I am currently interning with the Wikimedia Foundation. I recently apprenticed at Microsoft, and previous to that, I worked on mobile apps and tutored adults in Swift/iOS.

If you need help on a mobile app, somebody to look over your cover letter, or design advice, feel free to get in touch with me. I love working with new coders and supporting other folks from "untraditional" backgrounds (whatever that may mean).

Recent Posts

Wikimedia Week 7

It’s the midpoint of my internship, and this week’s official theme is revising expectations. That has certainly been something on my mind these past few weeks. [Read More]

Wikipedia Turns 18

On Sunday, I attended the Wikipedia Day meetup sponsored by Wikimedia NYC, in Manhattan. We were celebrating in advance of Wikipedia’s birthday on January 15th. [Read More]

Wikimedia Week 5

Going into week 5, things have been slow. The two weeks in between this post and the last coincided with the winter break for staff at the Foundation. Consequently, I’ve been less active, though I have been scrupulous about keeping to my two articles published per week. [Read More]

Wikimedia Week 3

I’m in the middle of week 3 of my internship with Wikimedia. I’m still working my way through the top 50 articles, but I’m getting faster. We’ve also started talking about what shape the app I’ll be working on will take. [Read More]

Wikimedia Week 1

My internship with Wikimedia started yesterday! As part of my internship, I’m required to make biweekly blog posts chronicling my journey, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of me lately. If you want to keep up, you can join my new RSS feed. And if you want to know... [Read More]