Trips, Jobs & Conferences

It’s been a while. You’d be excused for believing I was inactive. I think the last time I was here, I said that I was tired, and would try to rest. [Read More]

Wikimedia Overview

Monday was my last day interning on Wikimedia’s Action API project. I completed my tutorial that evening, publishing it to the main site after getting final feedback on the third draft. About a month before that, I had finished editing my twenty-fourth API article, and set to work on the... [Read More]

Wikimedia Week 7

It’s the midpoint of my internship, and this week’s official theme is revising expectations. That has certainly been something on my mind these past few weeks. [Read More]

Wikipedia Turns 18

On Sunday, I attended the Wikipedia Day meetup sponsored by Wikimedia NYC, in Manhattan. We were celebrating in advance of Wikipedia’s birthday on January 15th. [Read More]

Wikimedia Week 5

Going into week 5, things have been slow. The two weeks in between this post and the last coincided with the winter break for staff at the Foundation. Consequently, I’ve been less active, though I have been scrupulous about keeping to my two articles published per week. [Read More]

Wikimedia Week 3

I’m in the middle of week 3 of my internship with Wikimedia. I’m still working my way through the top 50 articles, but I’m getting faster. We’ve also started talking about what shape the app I’ll be working on will take. [Read More]

Wikimedia Week 1

My internship with Wikimedia started yesterday! As part of my internship, I’m required to make biweekly blog posts chronicling my journey, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of me lately. If you want to keep up, you can join my new RSS feed. And if you want to know... [Read More]

New Post On Renegade Coder

I’ve been feeling sick lately, so updates have been slow, but I have a new post up on the revamped Renegade Coder. It covers Swift syntax via Fizz Buzz. Check it out here! [Read More]

Accepted Wikimedia Foundation Internship

After a month of hard work updating and improving articles on Mediawiki’s APIs, and writing Python sample code making GET requests, I found out that I’ll be interning with the Wikimedia Foundation. [Read More]

Drawing Pad

I’ve been working steadily on a drawing pad app that includes artist prompts. It’s built entirely in vanilla Javascript, and uses the HTML5 canvas. I hope to add touch support, brushes, multi-undo, and a more responsive layout for smaller devices. [Read More]

EmpireJS & Slides

On Thursday and Friday, I attended EmpireJS, thanks to a diversity scholarship. I was delighted to get tickets, and the conference didn’t disappoint. A single-track conference focused on Javascript and web development, talks covered not merely the mechanics of coding, but also ethics, history, and how to improve your workplace... [Read More]

New Article Published

My article on reversing a string in Swift was recently published at Renegade Coder. Like the rest of the Sample Programs in Every Language series, it uses simple sample code to reveal interesting details of a featured programming language. Check it out.


Yesterday, I started the #Javascript30 series, and learned a bit more about user interactions and web animation. The first project is an in-browser drum kit. [Read More]

Coming Home

It’s my second to last day in Seattle, and it feels like the city is begging me to stay. The sky has finally cleared, the weather is beautiful, and there are so many events happening this weekend. [Read More]

Web Demos

I recently decided to focus on web development. Towards that end, I ambitiously began learning React. React led to vanilla Javascript, and vanilla Javascript led to HTML/CSS, and now I have a portfolio page for all my recent web projects. [Read More]

Moving Forward

Since my apprenticeship ended, I’ve been thinking about what I really want to do. The answer, as always, is “Visual design,” and now I’m trying to make my way there as directly as possible. [Read More]


At the end of the program, we had to present our projects at a hiring fair. I made a slideshow (using Powerpoint, of course), and decorated a trifold with Courier New, azure card paper, and print-outs of my data visualization work. I also prepared some talking points, some resumes, and... [Read More]

Wind Up

I haven’t been posting for the past few weeks because I’ve been enormously busy. I’ve worked on two separate projects and have had to learn a lot just to get started. Frameworks, infrastructure, query languages, and semi-obscure aspects of C# have all come into play, as well as some irritating... [Read More]


The past two days have been the start of my actual work. The pre-training is over, and on Monday, I went not to a classroom, but to an office. And it all felt oddly familiar… [Read More]

Last Week

This is the last week of my training, before I set out to join my team. I’m excited, a little distracted, and eager to get started. Our class is working on our largest group project to date, and I’m doing UI (as usual). However, my role on my team will... [Read More]

Even More Moving

Between last post and this one, I was able to land housing. I’d been living in temporary housing since late 2016, so, needless to say, I’m very relieved. I spent the weekend going back and forth from Target. [Read More]

Hello, Seattle

It’s been a week since I arrived in Seattle from New York City. It feels more like a month. I’ve been filling out paperwork, looking into housing, buying necessities, exploring, and oh yeah, training on the Microsoft campus. [Read More]

Moving & Changing

So, a few weeks ago, I casually mentioned interviewing for a large tech company. I tried not to get too excited about it, since I’ve interviewed at a lot of companies since last April. [Read More]

React Native Study Group Kickoff

Last night was the inaugural meeting of the React Native study group. It was a raining for most of the day, but Housing Works gave us a nice, friendly space to talk, code, and do prep work on projects. [Read More]

Android@Scale: Eliminating Long Tail Jank With Strict Mode

The second-to-last session at last week’s Android@Scale conference was a talk by Kurt Nelson, of Big Nerd Ranch and Google. He gave a similar talk at DroidCon last year, so if you missed out, you’re in luck. My notes on this session, concerning Strict Mode, aren’t as extensive as my... [Read More]

CSS Selectors & Styling

When I started using Beautiful-Jekyll, I really enjoyed the airy, modern feel of the layout. Then I looked around a little at other sites using the same theme … and they all looked exactly like my site. There was absolutely no personal touch. [Read More]

Filling Out Menus

For the past two days, I’ve been busy adding links to the navbar menus. It’s now a lot easier to find my work when you need it (no more searching through repos), and you no longer see that nasty WIP page if you click on anything. [Read More]

Site Update

I’ve decided to update my website to use Jekyll, a static site generator. [Read More]